Creative Opportunities and Change

image shows white strawberries against a checked background in mustard, red, pink and teal.

When creative opportunities come knocking just when I have decided to pursue new creative opportunities? Serendipity.

A new creative opportunity for me..

As a creative business owner and also a marketing professional, I find myself juggling my creative dreams quite often. I’ve been doing both for so long that, like so many creatives, I have learned what is juggle-able, and what I need to let marinate until that opportunity is ripe.

This post is slightly more personal, and less general. This post is about my own path and the way I’m meandering through it.

I’m excited to have stepped into a really rewarding and exciting new full time marketing position with an organization that does amazing work in alignment with my own values. I love the heart that is found in the nonprofit sector, and I am so happy to have worked with such great ones.

And now, as I’m starting a brand spankin’ new adventure in a new nonprofit, I wanted to just share that little snip of news in this space. Partially because I’m excited, and partially because I like being transparent about how my life is changing.

I like having a little marker in time to show when I veered back out of solo freelance and back into team driven work. I’ve got high hopes and an open heart. I’ll keep you updated here and there – and possibly a little less often! 😉

New creative opportunities for cute Mother’s Day gifts, ooh la la!

Though I’m boldly prancercizing into new creative frontier, I’ve added a few fun new products to my Etsy store. And if you see this post after Mother’s Day, well, hell, check it out anyway!

I hope your creative opportunities and dreams come shining into your life, and when they do, I hope you feel that warmth and go toward what feels best in your own creative heart. ❤️ Even if you ride into the dreamy sunset on your high horse. There’s a mug for that, sooo.. ☀️