A Leap of the Imagination.. A Personal Leap Year Wish

image shows a fish bowl with a goldfish leaping out with the title, "A Leap of the Imagination: A Personal Leap Year Wish"

My leap year wish for a better future..

It’s leap day. 2024. Life since our last leap year has transformed itself into something entirely different.. On February 29, 2020, life was a lot, okay? A pandemic had just started to sweep over the planet and we just didn’t know how this would go. And life now? Wow. 

I recently heard someone refer to leap day as a time travel portal. While my mind can’t quite work that out and not break, I’m blown away by how much has changed since our last leap day.

On leap day of 2020, we were still on the verge. Standing on the edge of a global reckoning we couldn’t quite fathom. What transpired in the last four years has felt like a flashlight shining on the darkest corners of humanity – and though it’s been difficult to see what we have seen, it has been necessary so we know where our work is. 

If we are still not convinced of the systems of disparity that values some bodies over other bodies, I’ll just come out and name that blind and willful ignorance. But I tend to digress.. Mostly because 2020 and the years following it have broken my sense of time..

In this post, I won’t go into the long list of wildly ridiculous + also life affirming things that we’ve witnessed since last leap year. We already know what we know. And we know things have to change.

Instead, I want to take a moment to send out some imagination arrows from my heart with the target on February 29, 2028. What will have happened four years out?? And can I infuse my wishes onto these arrows in hopes they feel more compelled to come true?


So here is my leap year wish for us all…

On February 29, 2028, I imagine all of us having found a little bit more peace within because we’ve had to dig deep and really get to know who we are. We’re getting used to things being totally wild, and we’ve learned how to better care for ourselves and meet our needs. 

I hope we find ourselves on the other side of the tumult and fear in this election cycle we are walking into now. Looking forward to fresh new leadership and new solutions.

And.. You know that sense of “good tired” you get after a hard workout or that relieving sigh of fatigue after a good cry? I hope we all feel that sense of satisfaction for a job well done when next leap year rolls around; accepting that some bridges really did need to burn, and life needed us to band together to build new bridges. (These four years must have been hard work!)

I also envision being on the other side of some revolutionary changes. Maybe even a world where more of us are working to end the soul loss that comes from old decrepit and barbaric value systems; and more people learning how we can help to make this world a safer and more joyful place for our fellow humans of color.  

When I imagine life next leap year, I also imagine the luscious allure of accountability regarding our planet and the way we care for her. I imagine that there being some new and necessary regulations and rules in place for those big boy corporations who are destroying entire habitats and homelands of our fellow humans.. Safety, sustainability, solutions for a future with plants and oxygen… 

On leap day 2028, I am holding my breath in hopes that the once-crusty and mind twisting weight of cognitive dissonance will have had no choice but to continue breaking away in all of us, dissolving before our eyes. A time when we are able to see things for what they are and make our choices from a new place. 

Next leap year, I envision more brainstorming and implementing new solutions to work toward societies where the majority of citizens can actually thrive – having enough to meet their basic needs and then some. I also imagine finding ways to provide care for our neighbors who need help. System overhauls a haulin’ – that’s what I picture. 

I imagine the healing of those traumatized by violence, the rebuilding of war torn places, a life saving ceasefire and new resolutions to ensure two states can live in peace side by side where all of the children walking on that same soil are worthy of care and protection. In 2028, will we call genocide.. genocide? Or will we still see the media painting prettier names on this terror? 

I imagine that the seeds we plant now will be sprouting then, so it’s such a good idea to envision where we want to end up then so we can work toward that. And as you can see, I just imagine a world where all humans are worthy of care and human rights, and smashing the patriarchy just seems like such a solid solution to getting started. 

So.. That’s a little rundown of what I hope we are moving toward when we step out of this time traveling machine on February 29, 2028. A little heart-peep into the future.. 

Of course I don’t actually know what the next four years will bring. But I believe in our ability to step up and do better by each other – a lot better. So let’s start by planting some seeds, shooting some imagination arrows from our hearts, and doing small and large actions to bring us closer to this sense of harmony and togetherness I would love to embrace in 2028..


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