Using Pinterest for Marketing Evergreen Content

image shows six Pinterest pins tiled visually.

Pinterest for marketing.. Visual and evergreen.

How can Pinterest really help you with your marketing? Traffic, my friend. Driving traffic is so important to so many marketing strategies – and using Pinterest for marketing is one of the most effective evergreen-marketing-traffic-driving strategies out there.

Maybe you haven’t been poking around in Pinterest lately, but surely you may have memories of using Pinterest to give you ideas to decorate your office, landscape your garden, or plan an event, right? And in order to find the ideas you were looking for, you searched certain words which resulted in curated ‘pins’ with images and links to external websites. Hmmm, could we be dipping into that special searchy sauce?? Stay tuned..

So.. What exactly is evergreen marketing, and how can you use Pinterest for marketing evergreen content?

Evergreen marketing refers to those marketing pieces that never expire. For example, a business may have some signs that they bring to every event displaying the logo and maybe some general text that can be used over and over. That’s an evergreen marketing “deliverable.” It’s not specific to any particular event. Another example would be a flyer, post card or other deliverable that was so general that it could be used anytime.

The beauty of evergreen marketing is that you can put your message out into the world and it will continue to do its work if you created a compelling call to action (this can be as simple as listing your website or a QR code). The magical thing for marketers to remember is that pins on Pinterest become evergreen marketing “seeds,” which means they live on the platform forever. Forever!

Using Pinterest for marketing evergreen content is super smart because you can create pins which will allow viewers to follow your link to something – your website, your blog, your instagram, your shop – any web address you want to send people. And those pins will continue to drive traffic to your target site, especially if you worked to craft your text in an SEO optimized way (which I highly recommend).

Remember: Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform

Pinterest is sometimes mistakenly called a social media platform. But the truth is that Pinterest is a search engine, and it’s the largest image-based search engine on the web. Like Google, people come to Pinterest to search for specific things; you can’t do that on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat…

Okay, okay, I suppose we could say that posts on Instagram can live forever, too, right? But since you can’t search Instagram for specific keywords, your “tropical monstera” pattern on Instagram will likely never show up when someone is specifically searching for “tropical monstera.” BUT. If you create a pin (or a series of pins for more impact), and you are using the keyword “tropical monstera,” your pin is in the running to show up for that search term until the end of time. Or the end of Pinterest. And every time someone clicks your pin, there’s an opportunity for them to click through to your landing page, blog, etc.

And listen –  people don’t even have to be on Pinterest to be directed to your Pinterest pins. Another incredible bonus when using Pinterest for marketing is that your pins will show up in Google searches too if they are SEO optimized and very relevant to the search term. This is golden.

That means you can publish a blog post in 2024, create a smattering of evergreen pins that link to your story, and those pins could show up in a search in 2044 and link back to that blog post. Ooh la longevity!


How can you use Pinterest for marketing most effectively?

Well, like I mentioned, the real value of using Pinterest happens when your Pinterest pins are SEO optimized and scheduled out strategically. Both of these things increase your chances of showing up in searches. Everything from naming your image with keywords to strategically dropping keywords in your text can help your pins drive traffic to your site for… you know how long… forever.

How do you learn how to do Pinterest SEO and scheduling? You can do a lot of learning from free sources, and as a YouTube learner, I fully recommend scouting out free learning if that’s your budget.

But if you really want to learn a strategy and put it to use right away, I personally enjoyed this Perfecting Pinterest course by Sophia Lee. She is a successful blogger who uses Pinterest to drive traffic to her blog, and Pinterest is the best tool in her toolkit. (Full disclosure, if you click the link in this post and choose to purchase the course, I will receive a small commission from that sale.) 

I hope this post helped you to have a better understanding of how Pinterest can help you with your evergreen marketing strategy when it comes to driving traffic to your website, blog, portfolio, Instagram, etc. With consistent pinning, following a solid strategy, and learning some basic SEO, you can use Pinterest for marketing your evergreen content for as long as evergreen content stays… evergreen.. 🌲




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