7 Artist Inspired Gifts for Your Art Inspired Friends and Family

image shows artist inspired gifts: desert decor trendy throw pillows, desert decor printed wall art, printable holiday hang tags, and a custom printed dog bowl. caption: 76er Artist Inspired Gifts for Your Art Inspired Friends and Family

Looking for artist inspired gifts for birthdays or holidays? You lucky, lucky dog…

As the holidays roll around, I am reminded that I always love to put together little artist inspired gifts for the people I love. I say I am reminded because it usually hits me a little late that the holidays are already in full swing… and I’m usually being asked by someone who loves to support artists about what I’ve got going on..

So this year, a little late, in response to those asking what kind of fun artist designed things I have going on this season, I threw together this post of seven products to add to your gift giving game if you love finding artist inspired gifts to share. These may blur the line of what constitutes “creative homemade gifts,” but they are super fun products that truly brought me joy to create. From creating the art to envisioning it on products that I love, I really love making things to make things… If you know what I mean…

Also, all of these products were created this year, but I did use some patterns I created earlier than 2023 on some of the pet products. Making products seems to motivate me to make new patterns and art, but I can still use all of the art I have created in the past for these products also. I love being able to recycle art and build up my image library that way.

Just to cut through any confusion, this list includes artist made products that I sell in two of my Etsy shops: my Lucky Cosmos Creative shop sells digital products and downloads, while my Alesha Sevy Art shop sells physical products with my patterns and illustrations.. It’s taken me some time to stock both shops, so this is some of the first sharing I have done with either shop. 


But yeah.. hop on over and check out my wares if you’re looking for some creative gift ideas!

1 – Holiday Hang Tag Printables

I love gift wrapping. I love finding special ribbons, special papers and even making my own. I’ve got a gigantic spool of bakers twine (see in photo below) that I swear I have been using to adorn since 2009, and it’s still as gigantic as it’s ever been. Magic.

I also love a good tag. So I made a good tag! These super affordable and fun printable holiday hang tags are great for dressing up your gifts in a few different themes. From celebratory cats in sweaters to nostalgic retro holiday motifs, to pretty golden oatmealy neutrals, and sophisticated black labels, these cute labels were a joy to create.

image shows a variety of differently styled holiday tags to demonstrate artist inspired gifts.

Each style is $3.00, which promises an instant digital download that you can print, cut and style in your own way. 

To purchase: Retro Holiday Hang Tags    |   Black Holiday Hang Tags   |   Neutral Holiday Hang Tags   |   Cats in Sweaters Hang Tags   |   Variety Holiday Tags


2. Art Prints

Art prints are one of my favorite ways to share my art. They’re small enough that most of my friends can find a space to display them, and they still make a strong visual impact. Art prints are a great place for placement art, so I love to have some strong stand along art motifs from my pattern collections to use for things like art prints, cards, totes, etc.

These art prints are standard letter sized (8.5X11) so it’s easy to keep your eye out for cool thrifted frames that will display prints with some personality.

image shows three framed prints to show Artist inspired gifts for friends and family. One print has a brightly illustrated flower bouquet and says "hello" one has a snake, and one has a cactus.

Feel free to check out some of my art prints! All prints are vibrantly printed and professionally packed with a recycled backer board and clear sleeve.


3 – Desert Night Pillow Collection

I love, love, love making soft cozy home goods with my art. I have a couple of pillows that I have heavily used for the last couple of years, and I still get a little happy dance in my heart when I see those little flower faces on my pillows…

And if you haven’t noticed by now, I also love the desert. I love the desert plant life, the hardiness of the cacti and flowers and trees, I love the coral pinks and oranges that make up the entire landscape. I love the ways the desert flowers give back and hold so much wisdom.

The desert is brimming over with magic, so I designed these cute accent pillows to bring a fun, bold graphic and magical desert decor aesthetic into living rooms, bedrooms or kids’ rooms. These cacti bring in the desert night sky with moons and stars – and if you’ve ever been in the desert at night, you know it’s a whole thing.

image shows four artist inspired print on demand pillows with cactus, moons and stars.

Check out these and other pillows here!

4 – Snake and Cactus Blossom Accent Pillows

This is another little pillow collection I really enjoyed making – so I wanted to share as its own line item. These snake and cactus blossom pillows are designed to awaken your inner wisdom, tapping into some wise snake energy with the support of the cosmos and cactus blossoms.. The bright sunny yellow really captures the desert vibe, while the bright and soft pinks speak to the coral pink sands – and snakes. This collection’s design has a cross hatchy texture to tie in some natural variation.

image shows four artist inspired gift pillows created from original art. Two pillows show a snake motif, two pillows show cactus blossoms. All four pillows follow a desert decor theme.

You can check out the snake pillow collection (and all of the pillows really) here!


5 – Pet Bandanas

I have a pretty tender heart for pets – there are pets that literally change your heart. It’s hard to put into words how healing and incredible their little spirits can be for us big old humans. To that end, I couldn’t help but throw my patterns all over some pet products, specifically for those seeking out artist inspired gifts for their furry furever friends.

image shows four pets: three dogs and one cat. The dogs are wearing artist inspired dog bandanas and the cat is wearing an artist inspired cat bandana. artist inspired gifts for furry friends.

But honestly..  When I ordered a dog bandana sample (I ordered the poppy pattern), it was so pretty I used it for myself.. These are great quality, vibrantly printed, and really pretty. I think pet bandanas turned out to be a great place to play with patterns. These bandanas are large, sturdy, and pretty enough to share with your pup or kitty.


6 – Pet Bowls

I was so inspired by the bandanas, that I also put my patterns on some porcelain pet bowls that are really sturdy and heavy – they stay in place. I’m not sure how many of us use pet products to accessorize our space, but I am always on the lookout for a prettier version of something practical! Take a look at some of my favorite pretty little dog bowls:

image shows artist inspired gifts for dogs and cats - custom designed dog bowls and cat bowls.

If you’re interested in adding a little doggy decor to your space, these dog bowls and cat bowls may just be the artist inspired gift your puppers has been wishing for… See all dog and cat bowls here!

7 – Pink and Orange Printable Planning Pages

If you’re anything like me, you need some help wrangling your thoughts and creative ideas. I am always trying to create the planner and notes sheets that will really help me meet all of my goals and move a lot of projects along. I had fun designing these planning pages because they are all personally useful to me. You can print the pages that will help you, and forget about the other ones.

image shows artist inspired gifts for teachers - printable planning pages. Weekly planning pages, monthly overview planning pages, daily planner, daily planning pages.

Planning pages are a super affordable way to organize your projects and plans without committing to an entire planner. To be totally truthful, I’m not sure if I’ll spend tons of time getting into the planner design game. I do love their usefulness, but my heart is a bit more satisfied making products and printables with a little more opportunity for art. Still… in 2024, look forward to planner templates being printed on fabric and framed. It’s a whiteboard idea I think will help me stay on track while also having a cute space to stay on track!

So, there you have it! Seven products that brought me joy to create in 2023. I am super excited about the upcoming products and projects I have in mind for 2024, so if you’re up for seeing what fun new patterns, products and creations I cook up, be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter!


This post was all about cool artist inspired gifts for the lovers of art in your life.


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